What’s all this fuss about process? - The Path to Business and Technology Optimization Is Through Processes

What’s All the Fuss...

About Processes?

Because the processes a company knowingly or unknowingly, purposefully or accidentally, carefully or haphazardly carries out is what gets everything done in the business.  Processes are the work in every step in producing a product or delivering a service. 

Because processes produce business intelligence critical to a company’s success. 

Process is the concept that unifies all businesses into manageable components.  Introducing technology into a process -- whether the technology is being developed by the process or the technology is enabling the process -- is not a trivial thing and must be managed.  After all, this is about your business.

Below is how Entinex sees the world.  It’s a rambling of ideas and thoughts that taken all together spell out why we're so passionate about technology and business processes and why it’s so crucial to every business' success.

Processes help transform a company’s mission statement to mission action and bring them closer to their vision.

Some business risks are a result of not addressing growth, scalability, not being able to predict project success, and not having insight into or control over the execution and delivery of the product/service.

Companies rely on their business plans to have prepared for all blind spots, but these plans do not include processes in place to handle the day-to-day, or ready-to-execute processes when the unexpected occurs.  Business Plans, finances, market surveys, do not include a company’s Capability, Capacity, or Maturity at delivering their Product/Service, and skip Critical Technology Success Factors.

Companies rely on fighting fires, always doing triage on problems, never settling into a rhythm.  Processes help companies achieve "business as usual."  If day-to-day challenges (Keeping Customers Happy, Delivering Quality Products, Managing HR issues, Ensuring ROI: Do It All Faster! Cheaper! Better!) can be handled by formal processes instead of executive/management every day attention, they can become company assets.

Companies often don't see the places where processes can play an effective role.  We help them see those places and design processes in line with their business objectives and culture.

We don't look at whether a company is in the right industry, or whether their product is a good product or a needed product.  Because it doesn't matter what the product is if they can't build it, deliver it, support it, maintain it, or grow with it.  Assuming all the other business stats are solid, if a company doesn't deliver the product they don't make money.  We help ensure our clients can deliver their products consistently and predictably without relying on individual heroics.

Let’s talk a moment about technology management: the set of business processes and rules that establish the role, importance, and use of technology in the organization is one of the most commonly overlooked components of technology management.  Many companies don't understand the role of processes in the management of their technology.  Processes provide Objective Evidence of Success, Stability / Flexibility Where Needed, Control / Insight, Predictability, Repeatability, Reliability, Quality, Manageability.  You cannot improve or change what you do not measure and you cannot measure what you do not perform consistently.  Even an individual’s blood pressure is rated against a standard process of measuring blood pressure and statistics gathered from that process over time.

Processes also help manage Product/Service Changes, Introduction of New Products/Services, Maintenance/Warranty, Vendors, Quality of Service, Customer Features/Requests, Project Estimation, Schedule, and Costs.  We ask companies to ask themselves: if having processes doesn't guarantee success, what does not having process guarantee?

We then ask companies to ask themselves: what if their product development team won the lottery?  We ask them to introspect on their ability to predict project results, whether they have control over projects, or insight into project progress, or insight into product/service quality.  We ask how do they ensure they can repeat success, and whether success relies on specific people, and how resources are committed.

We will generally start with a "present state analysis" beginning with what needs to happen within the company in order to get the product out the door; what are the major activities within those needs that support them, and is everything in place to make that happen?  We'd then perform a process analysis of the current state of their processes and develop new/improved processes as appropriate to close the gap.  We'd ensure that their processes are scalable, managed, taught to employees, and are a proper reflection of the company’s culture.

In the end we want the company’s payoff to be success where other approaches have failed, which will translate into growth and profitability, and that a company looks good because they are good.  Whereas once there were superficial "pseudo-solutions" there will be solid progress.  Where there were once reams of dusty obsolete lost time and frustration, there are living testimonies to innovation.

Our message is that processes are the hidden keys to success, they don't have to slow a company down, or impede creativity.  They don't have to weigh a company down with paperwork, and they don't have to overly complicate life. 

Process management is a critical component of every business.  All things being equal, what will differentiate a company from the competition is its awareness of what’s going on under the hood..  We don't ever want a company to find itself outpaced by its own success.  Manage Processes, and success will be "business as usual."

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