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About Us/Why We Want It

Because CxOs Deserve Better

Entinex knows what it's like to be an over-worked, under-staffed CxO.  We know what it's like not to have the time to think strategically while tending to everyday urgencies and delivery demands.  We understand the complexities and frustrations of building and implementing technology and delivering services, because we've been on both sides of the equation.

That’s why we care about your success.  We’re committed to help people create a culture of excellence that drives results across three domains: leaning, aligning and delivering value.

CxOs have plenty enough to do and it's no wonder operational performance can't get as much attention than the immediate customer waiting for their product or service.  And, far distant priorities are dealing with adherence requirements (e.g., CMMI, ISO, FDA, FAA, etc.) and governance expectations (e.g., SarBox, InfoSec, etc.) that get in the way of the immediacy of a delivery.

Get clarity, transparency and harmonization of what happens between the top line and the bottom line.  Establish and sustain a culture of continuous operational excellence.  Make adherence and governance happen without sacrificing delivery and excellence.  And be successful.  With Entinex.

When you win, we win. Contact Us.

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