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To Set the Standard

Working with the CxOs of product and service providers worldwide, Entinex has determined that executives can be divided into four basic classes:

  • Those who worry about top-line
  • Those who worry about bottom-line
  • Those who worry about delivery
  • Those who worry about compliance

Who looks at how all four work together to deliver the lowest cost of operation, the highest profit and the greatest competitive advantage?

We do.  Entinex accepts the responsibility to be a catalyst of change.  Our vision is to re-introduce important values and principles of performance excellence to the marketplace and eliminate unnecessary worry.  These values and principles include:

  • Striving for constant improvement
  • Seeking to understand and learn
  • Internalizing the value of lean

In our experience, when lean thinking and TQM return to operational process awareness, behaviors change.  Technical managers become more human.  Customers become more engaged.  Companies become more profitable.  Excellence becomes business as usual.

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