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Powerful Results for High Performance Operations

It's not just a tag line.  It's what we do and what you can expect.  Entinex helps make developers of products and providers of services (especially to government clients and regulated industries) better places to work, better value to their customers, and more profitable to their stakeholders.  We do this in a variety of ways.  For a deep dive into our services, and specifically how we align seemingly divergent concepts such as Agile with CMMI, follow the links:

In a nutshell, we provide process and performance consulting that shows you how to get from estimates to actuals consistently and predictably, how to ensure projects are on target and products and services meet customer demands, and how to shape your workforce to attain greatness.  These aren't pipe dreams.  These are our clients' realities.

We leave behind a working 'management system' that has your operation pursuing excellence while you're busy managing your company's growth, capacity and profitability.  It’s what we do, and, we're so unique at it that our approach is pattented.

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