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We help technology product and services companies be more profitable.

Your job is to deliver value, not artifacts.

Companies are often buried in the bureaucracy the builds up around them as they grow and succeed.  The bureaucracy of being in business -- due to regulations, governance, adherence -- is a drag on profit and excellence.

But it doesn't have to be!

We invented the Process Solutioneering® approach that addresses these competing interests.

A well-designed process discipline supports the creation of superior products and services while feeding the need to produce "paperwork" to feed the bureaucracy while humming along to improve your bottom line.

Processes must add value, produce business intelligence and deliver on promises.
Otherwise, don't do them.

That's what we do.

We help you think through the processes you use to develop and deliver products and services, and whether they give you the business intelligence you need to manage your company and every project in it.

We ask:  How often do your estimates match your actuals?  Does every project execute predictably, consistently, and profitably?  What happens between the top line and the bottom line?  Is your company's profit and growth predictable?

Entinex's approach is the path for getting from estimates to actuals in the black.  We work with you to design intelligent, non-intrusive ways to generate and gather business intelligence about how much time, money, and effort you are actually expending in executing your projects.

Don't throw bad processes after good money.

You are a technology developer or a provider of services.  If you could better estimate and meet cost and schedule targets, while assuring quality, your overall productivity would increase.  Or would it? 

The challenge is finding a way of working you can profit from.  One that will help you scale your business while also meeting your clients expectations, ensuring your reputation for quality work, and delivering the best solutions at a fair price for everyone.

Operational Performance Excellence is a unique and specialized field.  Not everyone is an expert at it.  Entinex is.

Don't trust just anyone to do it.  Too many consultants think process is more important than profit.  Not us.

And, don't try it alone.  The highway to process h_ll is littered with the road-kill of companies who thought that smart developers and smart project managers are all they needed to succeed in process improvement... If that were true, why would the company be in need of a process infusion in the first place?

Call Entinex to set up a free consultation to see how we can help your business.

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